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– Japanese Cooking Cookbook – Taste Of Home Recipes – Cooking Japanese Food –

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– Don’t worry – my book doesn’t require you to be an expert cook or know anything about cooking Japanese food!  All you need is the ability to follow step-by-step directions!  In no time at all you’ll be cooking Japanese recipes just like the restaurants! I’ll show you the top secret restaurant recipes in minutes!


If you’re anything like me, you will LOVE Japanese food.  It’s delicious, relatively healthy, and fun to eat. The way it is prepared into cute little bite sized sushi or sashimi, and how the ingredients have been carefully selected, not only to give the best taste, but also the most optimum nutrition that your body needs. And it’s low carb too! Every single dish is an art form packed with nutrition! It’s simply ingenious!


My name is YouLin and for much of my life I have dedicated myself to learning the art of Japanese cuisine.  I can still remember when over 10 years ago I started as a dish-washer in a local Japanese restaurant.  I decided right there and then that I would become the head chef one day.  Fast forward to 10 years later and I was the head chef at a prestigious Japanese restaurant.  In no time at all I was cooking the best Japanese food in the restaurant, training new chefs, and loving life.


After much advice from friends in the restaurant business and family I decided to create a compilation of my top taste of  Japanese home recipes specifically designed to make from your home.   These aren’t rehashed or common taste of home recipe that you can find anywhere online, these are specifically written by me and have been used to serve…

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